Painting Propane: Getting The Creative Propane Tank You Want, Safely

Posted on: 25 February 2015

Propane tanks can be an eyesore, so if you want to hide yours from sight or make it look interesting, painting your tank is an option. Painting must be done correctly, or it could cause damage to the environment or result in safety issues. Here's a few questions and answers you may want to read over.

Is It Okay to Paint My Propane Tank?

This is a very good question for those worried about environmental and personal safety. It is actually okay to paint your propane tank as long as the right kind of paint and colors are used. Propane tanks need to be painted in light, reflective colors. These colors include:

  • White
  • Silver
  • Light Gray
  • Beige

Pastel colors may also be allowed, but you should speak to your propane provider before you use them. 

If your tank has rust, make sure to repair the issue before you paint the tank. Since rust is dark, it helps absorb heat, and issue discussed below. To treat the rust:

  • Brush it off
  • Sand it down

If the rust is severe, you may need to replace the tank to prevent leaks.

Why Does the Color Matter?

The color of your propane tank matters for a few reasons. First, remember that if you use a dark color, heat will be absorbed. Heat also causes gases to expand. This could result in the pressure of your propane tank growing to unsafe levels. The gas could escape, leaking into the air and poisoning the environment. 

Propane is highly combustible. If you allow the paint to heat up the gas, it is more likely to cause a major explosion or burst when lit. This is dangerous for you and your surroundings.

Can I Choose Which Kind of Paint to Use?

While some kinds of paints may work well and look pretty, they aren't all safe for propane tank painting. You can only use paint that is made specifically for metal when painting a propane tank. 

Many metal-safe paints are sold in spray cans. It's possible to get some that are brushed on as well, although this is less common. 

The reason to use metal-safe paint is that it also includes a rust inhibitor. If you've just cleaned up the rust on your tank or want to prevent it in the future, then this paint can help you keep your tank rust-free. 

It's important not to use oil or acrylic paints, as these can catch fire when the tank is lit. 

These are some tips on painting your propane tank. With some creativity, you can disguise the tank and give it a new look. Talk to experts like Graves (John) Propane Of Arizona Inc for more information.


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