Three Tips For Improving Your Tree's Health With Mulch

Posted on: 20 February 2015

There are few better ways that a layman can improve the health of a particular tree than through mulching. Mulch is concentrated organic material that retains both moisture and nutrients more easily than ordinary soil. To maximize the health of a tree through the correct application of mulch, follow these three tips.

Crumple Up Leaves Lying Around Your Home And Mix Them In A Bark Mulch Mix

Even though there's a wide variety of mulch types out there, bark is one of your best options because bark mulch is both incredibly durable in the face of low temperatures and very cheap in comparison to other mulch types.

However, one main disadvantage of bark mulch is its relative lack of nutrients. To mitigate this problem, crumple up any fallen leaves you can find on your property and mix them with your bark. The nutrients in your leaves will supplement your bark considerably and make for a very balanced mulch mix.

Make Sure That One Side of Your Mulch Layer Isn't Taller Than the Other

There's no need to dig under your tree in order to lay mulch. Instead, clear any weeds and pile a layer of mulch directly onto the area around your tree. The mulch will penetrate the soil around your tree's roots naturally over time.

While you're laying your mulch, it's important to make sure that one side of the layer isn't significantly taller than the other. An uneven mulch spread promotes one half of your tree's roots at the expense of the other half, potentially leading to visible branch discoloration on the side that's been deprived.

Lay a Plastic or Wooden Barrier around Your Tree To Keep Mulch In

If there's no barrier to separate the ground around your tree from everything else, much of the mulch you lay will blow away before it penetrates the soil.

The two most common materials for building a barrier around a tree are plastic and wood. While plastic is cheaper, it partially blocks your tree's access to oxygen. Only a wooden barrier can do its job without upsetting either your tree's health or the environment as a whole.

While applying mulch to a patch of dirt isn't a very exciting task, an aging but beautiful tree in your backyard will hardly be able to get on without it. Once you've decided to use mulch on a tree, it's important that you get the details of your mulch mix right and don't cut any corners during the application process. Talk to a professional like Affordable Tree Care for assistance.


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